Game setup

Place results cards and Math Problem Cards in separate piles.
Shuffle Results Cards thoroughly with Joker Cards and Gotcha Cards.
Shuffle the Math Problem Cards thoroughly.

Place the Results Cards in the middle of the table face down (so you can’t see the result)

Each player is dealt 10 Math Problem Cards. These must be face up, so everyone can see the math problem.

Rules of the game

The first player flips the top Results Card, so the result is visible.
When the Results Card is placed back on the pile, it’s game on!

Each player looks at his or her Math Problem Cards to see if one of them matches the result.
If so, you take the Results card and set it aside with your Math Problem Card, so you have one less card.
If two players both have Math Problem Cards matching the number on the Results Card, the one who takes the card more quickly gets it.

If the player who flips the Results card gets a Joker Card, the player must select one of his or her cards and set it aside. Then the next player gets a turn.

If the player who flips the Results Card gets a Gotcha Card, the player gets a card from the previous player (depending on the direction of play). It is up to the giver which card to hand over. After that it’s the next players turn.

If no one has a match for the number on the Results Card, the turn goes to the next player.

Game play can be clockwise or counterclockwise. This must be agreed upon before the start of the game.