Quick Math Plus

If your kids are struggling to learn their plus tables or they need a little extra practice, then this card game is for you! Quick Math Plus is a fun multi-player card game that helps children memorize their tables while having fun.

This is a great game to play at home or in school with friends. Studies have shown that children learn faster and more effectively while having fun! We promise your children will love to play.

Quick Math is made in the United States, and as such is a high-quality product.

Is sold through Game Crafter in the United States, and therefore, the prices are in US dollars ($).
The game is made when you give an order, wherefore the normal production time is about 12 days. But as buyer, you cal also make an express order – there is an extra fee for this.
The more you buy, the cheaper the price for the individual game.

The cost of shipping is added to the price of the game, and it depends on the shipping method selected by the buyer.

You have the option of both faster production and faster shipping during checkout.